Thursday, August 9, 2007

SCBWI LA Conference

I recently attended the SCBWI LA Summer Conference.
As ever it was fun, informative and exhausting.
The weekend is jam-packed with speakers and breakout sessions. One of the things that I tend to do when taking notes is do quick sketches of the person giving the talk. So while my notes are almost unintelligible to anyone but me I thought that I'd post some of the sketches of the invited speakers.
First up on Friday was Walter Dean Meyers .

Followed by Peter Brown the illustrator of "Chowder" and the sequel "Bouncing Chowder"


Sundberg Studio said...

These are great sketches! You really captured the speakers well!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

I wasn't there but I'll have to dig arounf for some 05 LA speakers