Friday, June 29, 2007

Wonderland Gallery Pre-Opening Show!

This last Thursday was the montly event called "Last Thursday" for the artsy district that our studio is located in.
My studio partner and I have turned our studio into an illustration gallery for the event. This month was our "pre-opening" show, which featured the work of Lee White and myself.

Here is the gallery sign (just arrived in the nick of time!).

The front room with my work (for this month anyway)

Moving into the second room with Lee's work.

This is what the space looked like for the rest of the evening -- nice and busy!

The next time the gallery will be open to the public (we're always available by appointment) is Thursday July 26. The front gallery will showcase "Brewster the Rooster" illustrated by Lee White. Original paintings will be on display, and books will be available for signing and purchase. The second room will continue to feature prints and originals by Lee and myself.

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Patrick Girouard said...

The space looks beautiful, how about some better views of the work?