Thursday, January 12, 2012

Portrait: Charlie Sheen

This is a new project for my illustration class.
The idea is to choose a celebrity and after researching him or her assign keywords that will determine how the viewer responds to the finished art. Not one to ask my students to do something I wouldn't, here is my interpretation of Charlie Sheen (circa spring 2011). My keywords were: "Manaical, Self Involved, Dangerous"

Here is the process I used to arrive at the finished piece:

I researched a bunch of photos of Charlie Sheen and chose one that had a single light source and strong cast shadows.

Adjusted the photo so that it was more contrasty and the shapes that made up the features were clearer.

The original photo did not have the feel/keywords I wanted so I modified his face to look more like the photos of Charlie Sheen when he was at his most volatile.

Redrew the light and dark shapes so they could be transferred to watercolor paper

Created and ink wash of painting of the photo, being conscious to use the brush to create quick angular strokes that would reinforce my keywords.

I wanted to add a second element that would further reinforce my keywords and decided on the "catchphrases" Charlie would endlessly spout during this period. Again, actively using a mark making style that would suggest a person coming unhinged.

The two pieces were composited digitally and this is the end result.

What's really fun about this process is that you can easily substitute other equally compelling images to achieve a similar effect.


Laura Buller said...

This is a neat idea! I will have to try it!!!

David Hohn said...

Please do! And post your results!