Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Travel Sketches: England

For all those who follow this blog (and you know who you are) sorry for not posting for a while. I'm gonna' blame it on being out of the country for the last two weeks.
Just got back from an inspiration trip to England. Saw a lot of great sites, hung out in some great museums and did more than a bit of sketching. It's the latter that I'll be posting for a while.

This first is from the Camden Town locks. I've never seen one of these actually working before so it's pretty cool to watch boats as they "step" up and down the river.
Plus there's a ton of fairly odd shopping in that district.


Marion Eldridge said...

Missed you, David! But these look great! And, I'm glad you could get away.

David Hohn said...

Thanks Marion! Traveling always make you appreciate coming home. Now I just gotta' get caught up on all my projects!

Andrew Imamura said...

Wow...David these are by far my favorite of your sketches. Can I ask (again), what media you were using? And maybe your process?

David Hohn said...

Anytime Andrew -- the drawing of the lock is classic "Quick Sketch":

- A rough lay-in with 30% warm grey marker.
- Then start defining the forms with a G-Tec-C4 pen (pretty fine thin line), spending more of the time on the area I find most interesting.
- Back in with the 30% marker to get lights and darks and shadows.
- Discover that 30% is now too light and doesn't add anything (get mildly annoyed) grab a 60% warm grey marker and actually get something done.
-Grab a 90% warm grey marker and knock in the darkest darks.
-Get back to the hotel in the evening and toss is a little gouache for some hits of color. Try not to overwork this stage.

Andrew Imamura said...

Wow, awesome David-thank you. I will try this out asap. Very inspirational...

I love that goucahce...