Monday, April 12, 2010

Recent Sketch: Those creative Scammers

While I'm no more of a fan of spam than the next guy, I do appreciate creativity in all it's forms.
I liked the Agatha Cristie quality of this recent bit of junk mail and decided to make it the inspiration for today's sketch. For your admiration I've included the more creative bit's below.
My Dearest One,

My father died on july 13th 2008 Two years ago, It is sad to say that my Daddy passed away mysteriously. Though his sudden death was linked and suspected to have been masterminded by his business associate who traveled with him at that time, according to Doctor report My Daddy was poison. But God knows the truth!!. My Father deposited the sum of Eight Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. (USD$8,200,000.00) in one of the Bank in Ivory Coast during Liberian crisis..
'Com'on,  not bad right?


Andrew Imamura said...

Hey David, I'm a former student of yours in BG&Layout at AI. I love these sketch book pages and was wondering what you are using to create these scenes?


David Hohn said...

Hey Andrew! Very nice to hear from you! Hope that your work is going well.

If your question was specifically about materials; I'm using a mid-toned cover stock paper. Nothing fancy but heavy enough to take a bit of abuse from watercolor, ink and gouache. I do most of the sketch using a watercolor brush pen. Toss in some ink brushwork and then go on top with gouache.